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    Cowboy Cornbread

    Cowboy Cornbread

    Photo by Tricia T.

    Cowboy Cornbread features ground beef, tomatoes, cheese, beans, cream of corn and your favorite corn bread mix. A great low budget meal that tastes awesome. Giddyup let's get baking!

    • Prep Time


    • Cook Time


    • Servings



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    • 2

      pounds hamburger meat

    • 2

      cans Rotel tomatoes, drained

    • 1

      can Ranch style beans

    • 2

      packages of Mexican style cornbread, or your favorite cornbread mix

    • 1

      can cream style corn

    • 1

      cup shredded cheese of choice


    Brown and season 2 lbs of hamburger meat, drain, add two cans of drained Rotel tomatoes and one can of Ranch style beans. Simmer 10 minutes. Mix two packages of Mexican style cornbread per directions, or your preferred cornbread mix. Add a can of cream style corn to cornbread mix, toss in shredded cheese of choice and stir. Pour half of your cornbread mix in the bottom of the pan, pour meat mixture, top with more shredded cheese, pour remaining cornbread mix on top. Bake at 350 until cornbread is done. Tah-dah!! Cowboy Cornbread!! Very easy, Very tasty, Very inexpensive!! Enjoy!


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