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    Whole Hog Potato Salad

    Whole Hog Potato Salad

    If you like ranch dressing you'll love this Whole Hog Potato Salad recipe. Enjoy!

    • Prep Time


    • Cook Time


    • Servings



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    • pounds red potatoes, scrubbed

    • 1

      teaspoon garlic powder

    • 1

      teaspoon ground black pepper

    • 1

      teaspoon parsley, dried

    • 1

      teaspoon salt

    • 1

      tablespoon sugar, granulated

    • 1

      teaspoon ranch dressing mix

    • 1

      cup bacon, crumbled

    • ½

      cup green onions, chopped

    • cup chives, finely chopped

    • 2

      cups sour cream

    • 2

      cups mayonnaise

    • Splash of vinegar


    Bake potatoes until cooked through, about an hour. Let cool slightly then cut into cubes or slices. Place potatoes in a large bowl and mix in spices and seasonings one at a time. Add bacon, onion and chives and mix again. In a separate bowl, combine sour cream, mayo and vinegar. Add to potato mixture and mix well. Cover and refrigerate several hours before service—the longer, the better.


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