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Lemonade Concentrate – From Scratch


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  • 5 pounds Lemons
  • 4 cups Water (or Enough To Match The Amount Of Lemon Juice Your Lemons Yield)
  • 4 cups Sugar (or Enough To Match The Amount Of Lemon Juice Your Lemons Yield)
  • 7 jars Pint-sized Canning Jars, Lids And Rings


Adapted from


Step 1

This involves some judgement -

Microwave your lemons for 1.5 minutes. Roll them on the counter to release the juice. Juice ‘em!

Measure your juice. However many cups you end up with will also be the measurements for your water and sugar. This is a strict 1-1-1 relationship. If I end up with 3.75 cups of juice, I put in 3.75 cups of water and 3.75 cups of sugar.

Dump it all into a pot and bring to a boil (make sure you’ve got lots of headroom in the pot – this will bubble.)

As soon as it boils, it’s ready to can! Drop it into pint sized canning jars, water bath for 15 minutes. Makes 6-8 pints, depending on how much juice you get.

Each pint will equal a single container of lemonade. Add the concentrate to your pitcher and then add in water, I add about 3-4 pints of water because this is a concentrate, or to taste, and maybe some mint, or mint tea.

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