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Perfect Fish


Different ways to cook a fish.

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  • 1 fish



Step 1

Preheat oven 450 degrees. Bake uncovered for time indicated. bAste if desired
Oven Broiling:
Place fish 1 inch thick or less 2-4 inches from heat, thicker pieces 5-6 inches away. BAste if desired. Cook on one side for half o ftime indicated, then turn and finish broiling. Thin fillets do not need turning.
Charcoal Grilling:
Oil grill and fish. preheat grill, position and cook fish as in soaked hardwood chips to the coals.
Pan Frying:
Heat 1/4 inch oil or butter in pan until very hot but not smoking. (Electric skillet 375 degrees). Bread or batter fish if desired. Fry for half of time indicated, turn and complete cooking. Drain on absorbent paper when done.
Oven Broiling:
Baste several times while cooking. For a smoky flavor, add water soaked hardwood chips to the coals.
Deep Frying:
Heat oil to 375 degrees. Bread or batter fish if desired. Completely submerge fish in hot oil and cook for time indicated. Drain on absorbent paper when done. Be sure oil returns to 375 degrees before frying additional fish.
Boil sufficient water to cover fish. Place fish in liquid. When water returns to boiling, reduce heat to simmer, begin timing fish. Remove from liquid when done.
To Baste Fish:
Brush with oil, melted butter wine or marinade.
Breading For Fish:
Dip fish in mixture of eggs beaten with a small amount of milk, then lightly coat fish with mixture of 1 part flour 3 parts cornmeal. Refrigerate coated pieces for 20 minutes.
Batter For Fish:
Combine one cup dry commercial pancake mix with one cup beer, club soda, or sparkling cider. Beat until smooth. Dip fillet in mix and coat evenly.


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