BBQ Pulled Pork (crock pot)

extremely easy BBQ pulled pork

BBQ Pulled Pork (crock pot)

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  • pork shoulder

  • Worcestershire sauce

  • onion

  • your favorite BBQ sauce


put your pork shoulder in the crock pot fill with water until the top is covered. add a good amount of Worcestershire sauce to the water and chop up some onions and put it in there as well. cover and let it cook on low all day at least 8 hours. after cooked all day (or night) pull out and drain the water and onions. with some forks pull the pork apart so its in a separate place in strings or chunks. at this point it should just fall apart. once you have all the meat shredded put it back in the crackpot or a big bowl. pour in the whole bottle of BBQ sauce and stir in well. serve and enjoy =)


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