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Canning Butter in a Pressure Cooker


How to can butter? I looked for a long while til i was sure I had a safe method and I have not been disappointed.

Canning Butter: While canning butter is NOT encouraged by the National Center for home Food preservation (
I have done it several times and feel comfortable using this method, it turned out lovely..

Thanks to Backyard Homesteading for the written recipe find it here

AND, here's more info: More info:

What you will need -

Canning Jars, lids and rings - I used half pints because the size works well for me it took me 19 jars roughly 1 pound per pint.

I would not use more than half salted preferably 1/3 salted butter and the rest unsalted.
Pressure canner

canning funnel

jar lifter

lid lifter

clean towels

vinegar - to clean the rims.

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  • I used 10# salted butter
  • vinegar - to clean the rims.
  • And, I watched Starry Hilder youtube video
  • 10 pounds salted butter
  • White vinegar - to clean the rims.


Servings 26
Preparation time 30mins
Cooking time 60mins
Adapted from


Step 1

Step 1 - Set your oven to 250°F and let it warm up while you prepare your jars on a baking sheet. Heat the jars at 250°F for at least 20 minutes to sterilize. You can use the boiling method or dishwasher method if you prefer. Boil some water in a small pot and lower heat to simmer the lids.

Step 2 - Prepare your canner as recommended by the canner manufacturer

Step 3 - Cut your butter into smaller chunks so it will melt faster. Add butter to the pot over low/medium heat as you cut it to allow for it to melt while you continue working.

Step 4 - while stirring your butter continuously bring it to a boil. Once it has boiled for a few minutes you can reduce it to a simmer. Simmer it for 20 minutes while continuing to stir so it does not scorch.

Step 5 - You will get a foamy white layer on top of the butter. Scrape the foam off. You can save it for recipes or discard it but I like to keep it and use it very sparingly when I want salt and butter in something. It is very salty so you may want to give it a try before you decide what you want to do with it.

Step 6 - Once you have skimmed your butter and it has simmered 20 minutes begin quickly ladling it into the jars leaving a 1 inch head space.

Step 7 - Once the jar is filled up to the proper head space make sure to wipe the rim clean with your vinegar dampened towel. With the fat in the butter if you do not get a clean rim you will not get a good seal and your efforts will be wasted.

Step 8 - If you have a large enough canner you can double stack the jars and get them all in one batch but if not your will have to process them in two batches.

Step 9 - Process the butter for one hour at 10 pounds of pressure (please adjust for your elevation).

Step 10 - Once jars are processes and canner depressurizes remove jars from the canner and let them sit until completely cooled.

Once they start to cool you will want to shake the jars gently to marry the milk solids and the ghee back together. Shake gently one every 15 minutes until it looks like butter again.

**Because this is pressure canned, and the butter is subjected to high temperatures, you may see the milk solids clump together and fall to the bottom of the jar. That’s OK! Jut give your jars a shake as they cool to combine the solids and the liquids. As the butter solidifies, the solids will be dispersed throughout the liquids and it will look like you expect butter to look.

Check for seals after it cools. Store canned butter in a dark cool, dark place, (a cardboard box works great). If you want the butter to be firm, then refrigerate a jar before you open it. Whatever you don't use, just store in the fridge until you need it again.

And, I watched Starry Hilder youtube video

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