Disneyland Red Apple Freeze

Disneyland Red Apple Freeze

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  • Foam Topping Ingredients:

  • 1

    cup heavy whipping cream, cold

  • 4

    tablespoons Mango Nectar/Juice

  • 4

    tablespoons Passionfruit Juice

  • 3

    tablespoons sugar

  • Foam Topping Directions:

  • Pour whipping cream into mixing bowl. Add mango and passionfruit juices. Add sugar and beat on high until stiff peaks form (this can take a while and it helps if your mixing bowl has been chilled). Set aside in fridge.

  • Apple Slush Ingredients:

  • 2

    (12 ounce) cans of frozen no-sugar added apple juice concentrate (keep frozen)

  • 12

    ounces cold water (I just filled one of the empty juice cans for this)

  • 3

    tablespoons Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup


Apple Slush Directions: Dump both cans of frozen apple juice into a blender. Add water and 3 squirts of the toasted marshmallow syrup. Blend on high for about 10 seconds. You should now have a slush texture beverage. Immediately** pour into glasses and top with prepared foam topping.


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