Nia’s Turkey Burger Recipe

Servings: 0 servings



In medium bowl, combine ground turkey meat, opinion powder, black pepper and crushed chicken bouillon cube. Cut 2 slices of pepper Jack cheese into quadrants of four Take a small portion of turkey meat and roll six small turkey balls Flatten out the turkey balls Add three pieces of cut-up pepper jack cheese on top Place flatten turkey meat on top sealing in pepper jack cheese center Cut yellow onions into ring and sauté until tender and brown Add olive oil to skillet and add turkey patties Place patted out turkey meat into pre heated skillet Cook for 4 to 5 minutes flipping over meat Once meat is done, cover the skillet with lid and let meat sit in steam Take round burger bun and add mustard and miracle whip to bottom of bun Place cooked turkey meat on the bottom bun. Take sautéed onions and place on top of meat with a slice tomato and leaf of lettuce