Banana Shortcake

Banana shortcake is pretty much the same as strawberry shortcake except you use bananas. I'm sure there are specific quantities but every time I have ever seen it made or made it myself, no measuring was ever done so I'll approximate.

Banana Shortcake

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  • 5-6

    Bananas, yellow just starting to have brown spots.

  • granular white sugar- this is to make the syrup, about ⅓ -½ cup +/-

  • vanilla extract - 1tsp


Slice up all the bananas into a bowl in about the same thickness slices as you would put on cereal. Slowly add granular sugar into the bananas stirring as you go, use enough sugar to fully cover the bananas. Like I said the quantities are estimates, if you need more or less go for it. The greener the bananas, the more sugar it will take to cover them to make syrup, but they will need more sugar because they are tarter. When you have the bananas fully covered you will start to develop syrup as you continue stirring. Stop adding sugar when you start seeing syrup, you will have enough sugar at that time. Once you've stopped adding sugar keep stirring until the sugar granules are fully dissolved. At this point you can stir in a splash or two of vanilla and let the mix sit in the refrigerator until chilled. Use any of your favorite biscuit recipe to make your biscuits. I've eaten bananas over Bisquick biscuits that have been rolled/cut, baked like a cake or even dropped onto the cooking sheet. Poppin' Fresh Grand Biscuits will work too. Serve the chilled bananas over split biscuits or you can slit and stack them like a traditional shortcake. Whipped cream is an option (and frowned upon by my Dad as his Mom never served it that way).


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