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8 Sweet and Savory Corn Side Dishes for Fall

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corn sides for fall

With the harvest season in full swing and Thanksgiving on the horizon, now is the perfect time to try some new corn appetizers and side dishes! Whether it's savory corn on the cob, sweet corn pudding, or something entirely new, you'll love these 8 side dishes that make corn shine.

Getting the Best Corn

First thing's first, though: Making the best corn side dishes begins at the grocery store. How do you make sure you're buying the best corn possible? Check out these tips from the author of Dash of Adventure before you buy.

Steph's Tips:

  • Try and buy corn as local as possible because the sugars in the kernels start to convert to starch as soon as they are picked reducing the sweetness.
  • When buying corn on the cob, peel back the husk to catch a glimpse at the top of the corn cob to see if the kernels are rotten or shriveled, it will give you a good indication about the quality of the whole cob without having to peel the whole thing.

Southern Corn Pudding

southern corn pudding curious cuisiniereKicking it off with a classic, this Southern corn pudding from Sarah and Tim at Curious Cuisiniere is a unique iteration of the traditional Thanksgiving dish. With a consistency halfway between creamed corn and eggy custard, this sweet side goes perfectly with grilled poultry and other savory dishes.

Savory Corn Cakes

corn cakesThese simple corn cakes with green onion are perfect with creme fraiche, sour cream, salsa, or all of the above. These are a great side or appetizer, but they also make a delicious breakfast if so desired.

Potato & Corn Mash

potato and corn mashThis potato and corn mash from Debby at A Feast for the Eyes is a simple and sweet twist on the classic mashed potatoes. It's particularly excellent alongside a roasted cut of meat and some green veggies.

Corn Salad

corn saladThis Tex-Mex style corn salad with jicama, avocado, red bell pepper, and red onion has a simple citrusy dressing and is refreshing at any time of year. We love this with other Tex-Mex classics like shredded pork or atop any taco, burrito, enchiladas, or the like.

Guilt-Free Elotes

guilt free elotes dash of adventureSimilar to the corn salad above, these elotes from Steph and Jeremy at Dash of Adventure are their take on the classic Mexican corn dish. Though creamy and a little sweet, this version is low in fat and can be enjoyed without second thoughts!

Grilled Corn with Herb Butter

grilled corn with herb butterWe'd be fools not to include the classic corn on the cob, a perennial favorite. This recipe has you grill the corn for added smoky flavor and smother it in herb butter for added flavor. Corn on the cob doesn't get better than that.

Summer Garden Succotash

summer garden succotashThis recipe from Debby of A Feast for the Eyes may have summer in the title, but it's an excellent veggie dish for as long as zucchini are in season, and even beyond! To make this even better for fall or winter, you might replace zucchini with other squash such as delicata, butternut, or acorn.

Pilgrim Corn

pilgrim cornThis Pilgrim Corn is incredibly simple—an easy appetizer or side dish. For a heartier and more savory version, you can always add crumbled bacon, sausage, or ham.


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sarah and tim curious cuisiniereSarah & Tim run the cultural food blog, Curious Cuisiniere, where they share easy to follow recipes and food history from around the world, inspiring food lovers and home cooks to learn about and experience global cultures from the comfort of their own kitchen.

steph and jeremy dash of adventureSteph & Jeremy run their blog Dash of Adventure with the goal of promoting a lifestyle of "dreaming more often, living in the moment, being compassionate, trying new foods, embracing the weird, and always having each other’s backs."

Debby FoodiewifeDebby, author of A Feast for the Eyes, is a recipe blogger from California. Her cooking influences include her mother's Bavarian cooking and her father's Latino heritage. She loves recipes that are simple, unpretentious comfort home cooking.

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