Roasted Vegetables

From Ann Romney's cookbook.

Roasted Vegetables

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  • Brussels Sprouts Combo: Squash, Brussels sprouts, Onions

  • Root Vegetables: Carrots, Turnips, Butternut Squash, Yams

  • Sweet Potato Fries: Sweet Potatoes, sliced up like French fries


For Brussels sprouts, cut off the ends and remove any nasty outer leaves. For remaining vegetables, peel and chop into similar sizes, about 1 inch cubes. For Brussels sprouts combo, toss with olive oil and salt. Place in single layer on pan and cook about 40 minutes. For root vegetables, toss with olive oil and place on pan. Do not overcrowd. Keep in single layer and roast 45 minutes. For sweet potato fries, slice like French fries and roast 45 minutes. Season with salt after roasting.


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