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Theoplolis britoans fantastic and super satisfying turbo tasty hot and luscious filet of fantabulou


The following report is an initial audit of While there are many areas that can be improved on the site the most important issue is the organization and keywords of your content. Currently the majority of traffic gained through search results is through searches on particular recipes (i.e. blue velvet cupcakes) To rank well on broad search terms it will be necessary to make changes to the existing pages as well as group content on the site and re-enforce these areas with articles and blog entries. This report interprets the basic statistics of the site and points out areas that can be improved to increase site traffic. Some of these changes can be fixed in the short term while others will require changes to the structure of the entire site.

The following is a snapshot of the current site at
Traffic is getting about 100K visits a month compared with 2M for, 10M for and 13M for

Of the visitors to 36% are returning visitors. Returning traffic is good since there is a better chance of returning visitors sharing your url and enjoying your site.
Users are viewing 5.13 pages with an average of 3+ minutes on the site and a bounce rate of 16% per visit this is very good data and means that your users are clicking though the site and are looking at the content. 20% of your users have come back to your site 5 times or more. Most likely your site is offering the users the content they are expecting to find at the site.

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Theoplolis britoans fantastic and super satisfying turbo tasty hot and  luscious filet of fantabulou 0 Picture


  • Permanent Collections
  • LMA has hundreds
  • of pieces in its
  • permanent collection.
  • Currently much of the
  • information is in Filemaker Pro
  • We can create a
  • format where each
  • piece in the entire
  • collection can be described and shown.
  • Each piece would
  • have about
  • 50 fields of information
  • in the database which the staff
  • could reference but only about
  • 5 fields of info would be public
  • on the site for each piece.
  • Staff could note whether
  • the piece is currently on display.
  • Exhibitions
  • LMA has 45 years worth of exhibit materials
  • We would like to see the history of the institution through the exhibits.
  • BG could create a format so all exhibits can be seen through past present and future.
  • Exhibits have images, reviews, listing, catalog (possibly still for sale) articles, pdf’s of catalog.


Servings 10
Preparation time 14mins
Cooking time 29mins


Step 1

Public Relations
Currently there is no centralized PR program as each staff member contributes to press releases and media relations. It will be nice if the website can be a resource for LMA staff to distribute information to the public and use as a reference for past press and PR as well as utilizing existing relationships (Keystone arts org., Fulton Bank etc.) Bunting Group can build a centralized repository where all PR components can be created, saved and publicly accessed online.

Marketing LMA Online
Currently LMA has a twitter and Facebook account which are managed by Jessica. With a goal of extending the reach of the new website and public accessibility it will be prudent to include a link building and Social Media marketing program into the budget to ensure more people will be able to find the new site once it is up. There is also sufficient video for a presence on you tube with 360º gallery views, lectures and artistic video. All these components can work together to enhance the effectiveness (and awareness of) the LMA website and it’s message.

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