Homemade reusable recycled swiffer floor duster refill

tip - my washer or dryer, have yet to figure out which seems to eat socks.. but only one of each pair! I have found a recycled use for them now rather than throwing them out or keeping them forever hoping the other sock would eventually magically appear.

Homemade reusable recycled swiffer floor duster refill

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  • Swiffer floor duster

  • one

    old fluffy sock

  • a spritz of hair spray (optional)


Stretch the old single sock over the duster base. Spritz the bottom of the sock on the duster base with a very small amount of hair spray. Not enough to wet the sock.(optional especially if you use extra hold hair spray as that might leave a residue on your floor) Use as you normally would! But now your duster works doubly well for picking up the dust bunnies under things and the strands of hair left on your bathroom floor as well as the little clumps of grass my cats drag in that the old Swiffer disposable cloth used to just push around. When finished, pull the old sock off the base, shake it out side your door and throw into the laundry to reuse until the washer/dryer decides to eat that one too. Recover the base with another mate-less sock and put it away for the next use.


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