Low Calorie, Low Fat Quesadilla Recipe

This recipe comes out to about 300 calories (if you use the La Tortilla Factory low calorie tortillas).

Low Calorie, Low Fat Quesadilla Recipe

Photo by AJandColleen

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  • - Two low calorie whole wheat tortillas

  • - One ounce of lifetime brand fat free cheddar cheese

  • - ¼ cup chopped tomatoes

  • - ¼ cup of fat free ricotta cheese

  • - ¼ cup chives

  • - 2 tablespoons of low fat sour cream

  • - ¼ cup of salsa


- Carefully shred the cheddar cheese - Using medium heat, warm tortilla in a large pan - Sprinkle cheddar cheese across tortilla - Add tomatoes - Carefully add ricotta cheese (I also sometimes add a small portion of low fat mozzarella) - If you desire, add sour cream and salsa (I like eating mine hot inside of the tortilla) - Cover toppings with second tortilla and apply equal pressure with spatula - Flip quesadilla until each side is cooked to your liking


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