51 (Plus More) Ways to Make Cake with Soda *(GOOD)*

51 (Plus More) Ways to Make Cake with Soda *(GOOD)*

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 1

    box cake mix (any flavor)

  • 1

    diet soda 10-12 oz (dark colored for chocolate cake, light colored for yellow or white cakes)

  • Fat Free Cool Whip (optional) or topped with some fresh sliced Strawberries or whipped cream with sugar twin over it and top it with strawberries

  • Adding one of two egg whites to make the cake fluffier


Combine cake mix and soda and mix well. Bake 350* for 35 minutes I often make mix into cupcakes for individual servings. Stir 1/2 to 3/4 diet soda into cake mix. Bake according to box directions. Cool, and ice with Fat Free Cool Whip if desired. Cupcakes: You can make them in microwave. Cook 8 minutes in your Tupperware container. It may look doughy in middle but it finishes cooking once taken out, don't overcook. Serving size should be 12 which makes calories 105 without toppings...try it warm. 1. Angel food with undrained crushed pineapple 2. Angel food with diet sprite or 7 up (generic works as well) 3. Angel food /diet orange 4. Angel food with cherry pie filling 5. Yellow with diet Sunkist 6. Yellow cake mix diet cream soda 7. Yellow cake mix/diet lemon-lime soda (with dollop of Cool Whip (tastes like "Twinkie") 8. Chocolate cake mix with diet coke 9. Chocolate cake mix with diet cherry coke 10. Chocolate cake mix with diet Dr. Pepper 11. Devil's Food cake mix and Diet Pepsi 12. Devil's food cake mix with Pepsi Jazz Strawberry 13. Devil's food cake mix, diet coke, and sugar free cherry pie filling..like dump cake 14. Chocolate Cake using Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper 15. Devil's food cake and add 1 or 2 beaten egg whites. Cut cake in small pieces and serve in parfait with small amounts of diet pudding and Cool Whip/Diet cherry coke or Diet cherry Dr. Pepper 16. Chocolate cake mix & 10 oz. diet Dr. Pepper and sprinkled cinnamon/sugar on top (eliminating need for Cool Whip) 17. Sugar Free Pillsbury Devils food cake mix, can of diet rite Soda. 120 calories large muffin size 12 cupcakes 18. Chocolate with diet orange soda 19. Devils food cake/diet Vanilla coke 20. Devils food or milk chocolate cake mix with diet coke 21. Chocolate cake/diet cherry sodas 22. Devil chocolate cake/diet root beer 23. Spice cake with diet Sprite and put powdered sugar on top 24. Spice cake mix with Diet Dr. Pepper 25. Spice or carrot cake mix with can pumpkin 26. Spice cake/diet lemon-lime 27. Spice with Diet Orange 28. Carrot cake mix can be made with 1 C diet soda, one 8 oz. can crushed pineapple and juice, 1/2 C shredded carrots, 1/2 C raisins, and 1/2 C nuts. 29. Lemon with diet Mt. Dew 30. Lemon cake diet lemon-lime soda, (Sprite or 7up) 31. Lemon cake with Tangerine Diet Rite 32. Yellow cake/diet orange soda 33. Yellow or lemon cake Diet Sprite 34. Vanilla with diet Mt Dew 35. Vanilla with diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper 36. Vanilla with diet coe red Mt. Dew 37. White cake and Peach flavored sparkling water (no calories, no sugar, etc.). I added little fresh fruit as well (one slice of peach per cupcake) 38. Vanilla cake mix with diet cream soda. 39. White cake mix with clear soda along with fat free topping. Put mixture of banana, apple and pineapple on top. 40. Vanilla cake/diet root beer 41. White cake/diet peach soda 42. White cake/diet ginger ale 43. Strawberry cake and diet cherry Dr. Pepper 44. Red velvet with diet cherry Pepsi 45. Poppy Seed and diet Dr. Pepper 46. Cherry cake with carbonated water (cherry) 47. Cherry chip cake/diet cream soda 48. Cherry chip/Cherry Coke 49. Orange Cake/Diet Mountain Dew 50. Butterscotch cake with Diet 7-up 51. Marble cake/diet cream soda 52. French vanilla cake mix and Sunkist orange soda 53. Strawberry cake mix and A&W root beer 54. French vanilla cake mix and grape soda 55. Spice cake mix and gingerale 56. Devis' food cake plus diet coke 57. Cherry chip cake mix plus cherry Dr. Pepper 59. Dark chocolate plus Barq's root beer


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