Make your own vinegar

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Make your own vinegar

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  • any kind of wine, quality ale, or hard cider. avoid wine with sulfites.

  • mother of vinegar- a harmless bacteria that coverts alcohol to acetic acid. its a slimy gunk that that forms on the bottom. you can get it online or at home-brewing or wine making shops


1. Most wine has about 12-14% alcohol, which is too strong. Usually mix equal part wine with equal part water for mild tartness. for stonger flavor do do 2 parts wine to one part water. you dont usually have to dilute cider or ale, they only have 5-6% alcohol. 2. Pour liquid into clean jars. Add mother according to package directions. cover with paper towel and put rubberband around. leave jar in a dark place. Write the date on it that you began this process. 3. IN a couple of weeks you should starts to see a skin forming on the top. that is the new mother. dont disrupt it! 4. After 2 months, start testing. Carefully nudge a straw around the edge of the mother into the liquid. draw up enough liquid to taste it. If it is still winey and doesnt have enough tang, give it a couple more weeks. If it is too tart, add water. Once it taste good, strain it and bottle it. Recycled wine bottles are great for this.


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