Soothing Sore Throat Drink

It is a very simple recipe but it does work wonders. I am a firm believer that food is medicine. What we put into our system truly effects our bodies for good or bad. For centuries in traditional medicine, the lemon has been widely known for it’s healing powers and has been used many ways. In fact the lemon is so powerful that it was used by the Romans as a cure for all types of poison. Lemons are an anti bacterial, anti viral and honestly if you google it you can read all kinds of articles about how they will help your body fight off about every illness, including sore throats and colds. Honey is also a known remedy for sore throats because of its antimicrobial properties. It not only soothes sore throats, but can kill certain bacteria that cause the infection. So my great( great?)grandma knew what she was doing with this recipe! I am glad my Mom continued making it for me. I always felt better after sipping this, but mostly I felt loved and cared for by my sweet Mom! It makes me happy to continue such a comforting family remedy on to my children. So next time you have a sore throat give this a try and start your own little tradition. It really does help! Do you have a favorite home remedy??

Soothing Sore Throat Drink

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • Squeeze the juice from half to a whole lemon or a whole Meyer lemon

  • 1

    cup of very warm water

  • 1-2

    TB of honey


Stir and serve!


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