Strip Steaks - Grilled Korean Style

Strip Steaks - Grilled Korean Style

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 3

    tablespoons Ginger (finely grated)

  • 3

    tablespoons Brown Sugar

  • cup Soy Sauce

  • 1

    tablespoon minced Garlic

  • 1

    tablespoon Sesame Oil

  • 2

    teaspoons Sriracha (plus more for serving)

  • ¼

    cup Olive Oil

  • 4⅓-inch thick slices Strip Steak

  • For Serving:

  • 2

    Limes (cut into wedges)

  • ½

    bunch Cilantro (leaves picked)


Combine the first 7 ingredients in a bowl and whisk to combine. Add the beef and cover with plastic wrap. Let marinate for minimum a few minutes or up to one hour. Preheat the grill over medium-high heat. Remove the meat from the marinade and discard the marinade. Drizzle with olive oil. Place on the grill and cook 1 to 2 minutes per side. Remove from the grill. For Serving: Serve the strip steaks with lime wedges, cilantro and sriracha. Helpful Tips: 1. Substitute thin cut short ribs for strip steaks if you are looking for an alternative. 2. The brown sugar in the marinade allows the meat to caramelize. 3. Serve with a crisp salad or vegetable side.


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