Mom's Biscuits

My Mom and grandma have made these my whole life and they did not use a recipe so after Grandma passed away, my brother and I decided we should get mom to make them but measure as she did it. It appears to have worked!

Mom's Biscuits

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 2

    Cups Flour

  • 2

    Teaspoons Baking Powder

  • 1

    Teaspoon Salt

  • Approximately 1 Cup Buttermilk

  • Melted Crisco, butter or lard


Combine all ingredients. DO NOT OVER KNEAD! Heat oven to 475 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes.Pat dough to 1 inch thickness. Cut into desired shapewith cutter, a drinking glass works too! Melt shortening in baking dish. Dip top of biscuit in melted shortening then place in pan.


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