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  • Medium Cooking : (10 to 40 minutes)
  • Barley Hulled barley is a nutritious addition to stews and soups.
  • 1 cup: 3 1/2 cups
  • Brown Rice The entire rice kernel with only the outer, inedible husk removed, brown rice is pleasantly chewy.
  • 1 cup: 2 cups
  • Buckwheat Triangular in shape, this whole grain imposter is actually the seed of an herb.
  • Steel cut oats These are steamed and cut whole oat groats (a.k.a. hulled grains). They’re chewy and make for a particularly rustic and delicious hot cereal


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Step 1

Long Cooking: (over 40 minutes)
Farro Sometimes labeled as emmer wheat, farro is rich in fiber. Its chewy texture makes it particularly satisfying.
Rye berries This high-protein grain is more slowly digested than other grains. Combine with beans for a particularly good match.
Spelt Often mistaken for farro (and visa versa). It may be well tolerated by wheat sensitive folks, too. Use spelt just as you would wheat, and look for spelt flakes, too, which can be used like rolled oats.
Wheat berries These whole, unprocessed kernels are great cooked for pilafs or as a nutty addition to grain salads.
Wild Rice Actually the seed of a marsh grass plant, this grain-like seed needs to be thoroughly cleaned before cooking and offers a striking contrast in grain-based sides and salads.

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