Jar Salads

This is the greatest idea I have ever seen. What a find! The author says they last about 7 days in the refrigerator. Done in quart wide mouth mason jars. Review by reader This is the greatest idea yet. I made 6 jars to last all week. My jar salad included (from top to bottom) spinach, chicken, cheese, hard-boiled egg, strawberries, pineapple, cauliflower, cauliflower, shredded cabbage and carrots, jicama, Asian dressing or Caesar dressing. WW points = 7. With adding pineapple and strawberries, the juice from them added great flavor to the salad and made the dressing go further. I never imagined 2 TBS of salad dressing would satisfy me. Boy I was wrong. Thanks for posting

Jar Salads

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    . Dressing on the bottom, lettuce on the top. If the two are touching the lettuce will turn to slime.

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    . So, dressing goes in first. On top of your dressing, use a rather "hearty" vegetable, such as shredded cabbage, pea pods, or julienne carrot matchsticks. They can withstand the acidity of the dressing, and actually get better!

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    . Pack it in. Use a nice variety of colorful vegetables! Make it fun and involve the kids.


Poppyseed: Layer, in this order: -poppyseed dressing -carrot shreds -green peas -pineapple -blueberries -raspberries -lettuce Asian: -light asian ginger dressing -peapods -carrot shreds -cabbage shreds -water chestnuts -green peas -bean sprouts -quinoa -toasted sesame seeds -lettuce Seafood (I make a light dressing with light mayo, skim milk, s and p, and parmesan -dressing -cabbage shreds -cherry tomatoes (halved) -black olives -celery -drained canned crab / drained canned salad shrimp -lettuce Caesar: -light Caesar dressing -carrot shreds -diced grilled chicken -celery -cukes -lettuce -parmesan


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