Chicken Tortilla Soup

a big pot of tortilla soup you can double triple or reduce in size =) easy to do last for days as leftovers. its good even reheated!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • cooked and sliced chicken

  • onion

  • celery

  • 4 oz can chopped green chillies

  • 2

    boxes of chicken broth

  • garlic powder

  • taco seasoning

  • 8oz can tomato sauce

  • cor tortillas

  • sour cream


in the biggest pot you have combine the chicken broth (not all of it just yet. leave about 1/4 cup), taco seasoning, garlic, chopped celery as much as you would like at least 4 off the stalk, onion, green chillies, and tomato sauce. bring it to a boil and leave it boiling use two or three (depends on the servings you are wanting) thawed chicken breast and slice them into strips in a skillet combine a little bit of taco seasoning, your chicken strips, some of the chicken broth, garlic powder, and some onions. bring that to a sizzle and let the chicken cook all the way trough sifting it in the pan constantly so it doesn't burn. once the chicken is done pour the whole thing into the boiling broth with you ingredients in it. add torn small pieces of your corn tortillas this will give the soup some texture so use as much as you desire. (I use 8-10 tortillas in mine. add a gulping spoon full of sour cream and stir in. if the soup is too spicy for some they can simply add as much sour cream to their personal bowl to tone it down. side note... for more spice you can add real red chillies or more chopped green chillies. let the soup boil and covered for about 15 min until all veggies are soft and the tortillas have softened to give more texture. you will want to let the soup sit for a few minuets before eating as it has been boiling for 30 min. this is such a giving recipe you can add or take away any ingredient and it will still come out amazing!! but of course I highly urge you to try it like this first.


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