Bath Bombs & Fizzies

Bath Bombs & Fizzies

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  • 2

    cups baking soda

  • cups citric acid

  • 2

    oz oil of choice (I generally use either Almond or Evening Primrose)

  • 1

    oz fragrance of choice (either EO or FO, doesn’t matter which, really)

  • aprx 1.5oz water or witch hazel in a spray bottle set to Mist


Mix your dry ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl with plenty of extra room. Add your scenting oil (EO or FO) and begin to stir together with a spoon or spatula. When your EO/FO is completely mixed in and you can’t “see” it any longer (there’s no obvious Wet area as opposed to Dry) start adding your oil about a half ounce at a time and stirring while you do so. Mixture should be about the consistency of wet sand and stick together well. If it’s still a bit to dry to stick together well when you squeeze it in your hand, hold the spray bottle several inches (no less than 6 or 8) above the bowl and give 1 or 2 mist sprays with the witch hazel. There WILL be a bit of fizzing right at the spot where the majority of it hits, but it should be minimal and will end quickly as you stir the mixture again to incorporate that moisture. This mixture works well for either using a largish scoop (a small ice cream scoop) or packing it into guest bar sized molds.


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