G-Ma's Gumbo

A delicious gumbo for "meat eaters"!

G-Ma's Gumbo

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 5

    lb. hen

  • 3-4

    Tbsp. Chicken bullion powder

  • 2

    pkgs. Smoked Sausage (beef)

  • 1

    can tomato paste

  • 1

    can tomato sauce or diced tomatoes

  • dash creole seasoning (to taste)

  • Salt & Pepper (to taste)

  • white rice (instant)


In a large pot, fill with water to boil the chicken. About 15 minutes prior to the chicken being full cooked, add bullion powder, creole seasoning, salt, pepper & tomato sauce/diced tomatoes. Let chicken remain boiling with seasonings for the last 15 minutes. Turning your burner at a medium-low heat, take out chicken to bone completely then return to pan. Cut up smoked sausage and put into pan, adding tomato paste. While cooking together, get out a medium sized pan to cook the instant rice, according to directions, about 6 cups. Both the rice and gumbo should be ready at the same time. Place some rice in your bowl, topped with the gumbo & enjoy! Tastes great with cornbread!


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