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7 of the Softest, Fluffiest Rolls You'll Ever Make

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7 of the softest fluffiest rolls you'll ever make

Rolls are often an underappreciated part of dinner, but if you can master the perfect soft, fluffy rolls they'll become an immensely satisfying addition to any meal. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, learning to make delicious rolls is more important than ever! If you can nail it, your rolls won't just be an afterthought, they'll be a star in their own right.

Want to learn how to make the world's best rolls? Check out these tips from our featured bloggers, then make your way to the featured recipes for delicious Thanksgiving (and anytime) roll recipes.

Lacey's Tip:


I like to use whole wheat pastry flour because it has a light texture and density than whole wheat flour, but still has a lot of nutrients.

Sarah's Tips:

I like to use milk and butter in my dinner rolls to make them incredibly soft, fluffy, and flavorful. My judge of a good roll is if it is perfectly when eaten plain. Butter and jam are tasty additions, but a good roll shouldn't need anything extra!

Featured Recipes

Okay, let's get into it, shall we? Read on for 7 of our favorite recipes for soft, fluffy, delicious rolls.

Sweet Potato Rolls

sweet potato rollsThese sweet potato rolls from Lacey at A Sweet Pea Chef are a must-try for fall! With a slightly sweet flavor and light orange color, these attractive rolls are the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving or Christmas spread. Plus, they're made with health in mind, so they won't just be additional empty calories in an already heavy holiday meal.

Homemade Crescent Rolls

homemade crescent rollsYou'll love these buttery crescent homemade rolls from Kirsten at Comfortably Domestic! These soft golden rolls will disappear in a snap when you serve them to family and friends over the holidays. These can also be made ahead and then frozen for super easy holiday prep.

Easy Old Fashioned Cloverleaf Yeast Rolls

old fashioned cloverleaf yeast rollsThese classic cloverleaf rolls from Mary at Deep South Dish are the perfect pull-apart  morsels to pair with hearty holiday meals, or even everyday soups, salads, and more. Mary's post is full of helpful tips not just for these rolls but for rolls in general, so it's an excellent place to start!

Mini Baked Brie Roll-Ups

mini baked brie roll upsIf you're looking to fancify your rolls a bit, these crescent-style rolls stuffed with baked brie and topped with pecans are an impressive addition to any meal. You're missing out if you don't try these rolls sometime this fall or winter!

Parker House Rolls

parker house rollsSarah and Tim of Curious Cuisiniere show you how to make these folded and fluffy rolls with a bit of lore behind them. You'll fall in love with these pocket-shaped, imperfect little rolls, just like all of Boston in the 1870's.

Old Fashioned Pull-Apart Pan Rolls

old fashioned pull apart pan rollsWe've got more simple, old fashioned rolls from Mary at Deep South Dish. These pull-apart rolls are baked together in a single pan and are super soft all the way through. Enjoy these versatile rolls with butter, jam, or even something savory like sausage gravy.

Buttered Rosemary Rolls

buttered rosemary rollsThese amazing rolls from Debby AKA Foodiewife of A Feast For The Eyes have a fluffy center inside the perfect golden crust coated with melted butter and herbaceous fresh rosemary. You won't believe how good these are with roast turkey or chicken!

Feature Bloggers

mary foreman deep south dishMary Foreman is the founder of Deep South Dish where combines her love for cooking and writing. Her homestyle recipes evoke fond childhood memories of the foods her mother and grandmother used to make, and she finds solace in cooking the old-fashioned way, creating new memories with each recipe.

lacey a sweet pea chefLacey Baier authors A Sweet Pea Chef while also caring for her three kids and developing her photography, fitness, and of course cooking skills. She is particularly enthusiastic about designing No-Fail meals that are quick, healthy, easy, cost-effective, and sure to please the whole family.

sarah and tim curious cuisiniereSarah & Tim run the cultural food blog, Curious Cuisiniere, where they share easy to follow recipes and food history from around the world, inspiring food lovers and home cooks to learn about and experience global cultures from the comfort of their own kitchen.

kirsten comfortably domesticKirsten authors Comfortably Domestic while working hard to care for house, husband, and 4 cherished children. She benefited greatly from cookbooks and online recipes while still becoming "comfortably domestic" and she loves providing the same guidance for learning cooks.

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