Winter cookies

Winter is coming to town

Winter cookies

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • Sugar cookies

  • Pam

  • Wax paper

  • White frosting

  • Sprinkles

  • Cookie cutter


1.Make the cookies. 2.Spread Pam all over a pan and lay a sheet if wax paper on it also 3.Lie the sugar cookies on it 4.Spread the frosting all over the cookies Put it In the freezer for 1 and a half hours... when done repeat step 4. Over again.take it out the second time and cut out with the cookie cutter a snowflake and ENJOY(snowman) to do the snow man do everything up their but cut it out as a snowman cut a triangle with fondant and make the nose make with brown fondant stick arms to make the eyes get those little craft eyes and also stick them on.... Use black fondant for the mouth buttons and the smile in little balls Make a large square and oval stick them together stick it on the head Use yellow frosting and make the details for the hat buckle make a scarf to out if any colour and ENJOY!


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