Simple Tomato Sauce

Servings: 0



1. Sweat onion in olive oil until translucent. Add garlic, sweat slightly but DO NOT BROWN. 2. Add tomatoes, bring to simmer. 3. If using dry herbs, add here. 4. Simmer tomatoes 45 minutes, addding chicken stock or excess tomato juice as necessary. 5. Pass the sauce through a food mill, potato masher or strainer. 6. Put back on the heat and season with salt and pepper (and fresh herbs). 7. TO MAKE A MARINARA SAUCE, add bottled clam juice and simmer to reduce. 8. TO MAKE A RICHER SAUCE FOR MEAT, add reduced veal stock. 9. You may also mount butter into this sauce to make it richer, or you may cream it to make it creamier.