Fever reducing juice

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Fever reducing juice

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  • #1 Rest as much as possible.

  • #2 Don't take or give aspirin

  • #3

  • 1

    C room temp water

  • 1

    C pure grape juice

  • #4

  • 1

    qt water

  • ½

    t cayenne pepper

  • 1

    C orange juice


Your body is fighting an infection so rest is important to over coming it! So lots of rest is best. Aspirin can have serious side effects with a fever so avoid it especially with children. Lots of room temp fluids are must and these seem to assist in bringing the fever down quicker than any others I have found. Drink 1: mix a cup of room temp water with a cup of grape juice and drink as much as you can at a time. When drink 1 is completed try adding drink 2: 4 cups of room temp water with a 1/2 t cayenne pepper dissolved in it and a cup of orange juice added to it. If your able drink the entire quart during the day. Adult or child a room temp bath can also be helpful and comforting. If your child refuses to drink and claims non thirst or their temp raises over 102-103 or they display any other symptoms pls seek medical assistance immediately. For an adult a fever over 101 can require medical attention.


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