Apple pie a la mode

Apple pie a la mode

Photo by Gammagirl J.

  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 1

    can (21 ounces) apple

  • pie filling

  • 1

    graham cracker crust

  • (9 inches)

  • 2

    cups butter pecan ice cream,

  • softened

  • 1

    jar (12 ounces) caramel

  • ice cream topping

  • ¼

    cup chopped pecans, toasted


1. Spread half the pie filling over crust. Top with half the ice cream; cover and freeze for 30 minutes. Drizzle with half the caramel topping; cover and freeze for 30 minutes. 2. Top with remaining pie filling; cover and freeze for 30 minutes. Top with remaining ice cream; cover and freeze until firm. May be frozen for up to 2 months. 3. Remove pie from the freezer about 30 minutes before serving. Warm remaining caramel topping; drizzle some on serving plates. Top with a slice of pie; drizzle remaining caramel topping over pie and sprinkle with pecans. TIP: To soften ice cream in the refrigerator, transfer ice cream from the freezer to the refrigerator 20-30 minutes before using. Or let it stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Hard ice cream can also be softened in the microwave at 30% power for about 30 seconds.


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