From Jim Totten, "I received this recipe in 2004 from Tanya Kocher Christ. She would be your Grandfather Alfred Aten's cousin. The recipe is from the Kocher family and is titled "Mrs T's Molasses Cake". I don't want you to confuse Mrs T with "Totten". Your great grandmother - Beula Kocher Aten was the granddaughter of Mrs T, who was Edrie Sharp Kocher. Edrie Sharp Kocher (b-1847 d-1912) was married to Thomas Timothy Kocher (1834-1906) in 1869. She was his second wife. As a side point, Edrie Sharp is considered to be a direct descendant of Revolutionary soldier Alexander Hubbs but has not been documented to be approved by the DAR. Thomas Timothy Kocher (1834-1906) & Edrie Sharp (1847-1912) m-1869 Josiah T Kocher (1870-1956) & Caroline Green (1870-1926) m-1892 Beulah Jane Kocher (1894-1960) & William Penn Kirkendall Aten (1896-1960) m-1914 Alfred Calvin Aten (1922-1989) & Louise Ethel Bomboy (1924-1995) m-1945 Wilma Rae Aten (1958-xxxx) & Ed Whittaker Lacey Whittaker I provided your above family line back to Edrie to put it all into perspective. As you can see, I have a lot of work to get caught up on family info over the past 30+ years. I spend all of my family research time looking back in the 1700 & 1800s. " I recieved this recipe from Jim Totten on Merch 4, 2011 He received this recipe from Tanya Kocher Christ on July 31, 2004. She received it from her Mother Ada May Bartlett Kocher in 1978. She received it from Amanda Jane Kocher (Grandma Jane) on Feb 16, 1939. She received it from Edrie Sharp (Thomas T. Kocher’s wife).


Photo by Lacey W.

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  • The following is the recipe exactly as written:

  • Mrs. T’s Molasses Cake

  • (Edrie Sharp – Mrs. Thos. Timothy Kocher)

  • ¼

    C butter

  • ¼

    C lard

  • 1

    C sugar

  • 1

    C molasses

  • 1

    C sour milk (if sweet milk use less flour)

  • 4

    C flour

  • 1

    Tsp soda

  • ½

    Tsp nutmeg

  • Revised – Tanya: I use Butter flavor Crisco (½ C) instead of lard.

  • I add 1 C Raisins.

  • Jim Totten

  • 8/7



Pour into 9 x 12 pan (lightly greased) Bake at 325 degrees for 35-40 min. or tests done. If raisins are added – Bake for 55 min. or test done.


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