Fettuccine with Porcini

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Place porcini in a bowl, cover with about 1 cup warm water, and soak for 30 minutes. Drain well, straining liquid into a large measuring cup. Place porcini on several thicknesses of paper towel, cover and press to remove moisture. Cut large pieces in half. Meanwhile, heat 3 Tbs. olive oil in a skillet large enough to hold pasta. Add pancetta and sauté until barely beginning to brown. Add garlic and sauté a minute or so. Add porcini and cook until beginning to brown. Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper. Cook pasta in boiling salted water for about 3 minutes. Drain well and transfer to skillet. Add remaining oil, and cook over low heat to incorporate and heat ingredients. Gradually add ¾ cup porcini liquid. When some has been absorbed, remove pan from heat. Add eggs and fold together quickly, to warm eggs without scrambling. Add a little more liquid if necessary. Garnish with parsley and serve with cheese.