Velvet Almond Fudge Pie

Velvet Almond Fudge Pie

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  • 1 cup slivered almonds

  • 1 pkg. (4 serving size) Jello Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate Pudding and Pie Filling

  • ¾ cup light corn syrup

  • ¾ cup evaporated milk

  • 1 egg, slightly beaten

  • ½ cup chocolate chips, melted

  • 1 pre-made Graham Cracker Pie Crust

  • Prepared Dram-Whip Topping


Chop almonds and toast at 350 degrees for 3-5 minutes. Set aside. Blend together until smooth, pie filling mix, corn syrup, milk, eggs and chips. Add almonds and pour into pie crust. Bake at 375 about 45 minutes, or until top is firm and begins to crack. Cool at leat 4 hours. Garnish with whipped topping (or ice cream or whipped cream)


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