Granddad's Favourite Eggnog

Granddad's Favourite Eggnog

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 4

    eggs, separated

  • cups milk

  • cups whiskey

  • 1

    cup cream

  • ½

    cup sugar

  • ½

    cup white rum

  • couple pinches nutmeg


1. In the bowl containing the egg yolks, beat the yolks using a mixer, if you have one. 2. Slowly add in half of the half-cup of sugar, while still mixing. 3. When really well mixed, set the yolk & sugar bowl aside and begin work on the egg whites. 4. The egg whites need to be beaten stiff with the other half of the sugar. 5. Combine the egg whites and the yolks and continue mixing on low speed. 6. Stir in the rum, then the milk, then the whiskey, then half of the cream. 7. In a separate bowl, whip the other half of the cream. 8. When whipped, gently fold the cream into the eggnog mixture. 9. Ladle room temperature eggnog into cups and sprinkle with a small amount of nutmeg. 10. Serve with a smile and a silly Santa hat and your guests will love you forever!!


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