Grilled Chicken and Veggie Packets

Servings: 0



Pre heat grill to medium high heat for direct grilling. Tear off 8 18 inch squares of heavy duty foil, layer 2 squares together to form 4 separate layers. Place 1 chicken breast on each foil layer, sprinkle with seasoned salt and black pepper. Brush each chicken breast with 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce. Divide onion, squash, bell pepper and asparagus over each chicken breast, drizzle with olive oil. Bring up 2 opposite sides of each foil stack, seal with a double fold. Fold remaining ends to completely enclose chicken and vegetables, allow space for steam to build. Grill packets over direct heat 20-25 minutes or until thermometer in chicken reads 170 F and vegetables are tender. Let stand 5 minutes NOTE: I used what I had 1 large chicken thigh and 2 legs, did 2 packets. Asparagus wasn't available so I used fresh green beans. Turned out great. I cooked for 40 minutes undisturbed on gas grill...Would also be great over the camp fire I am sure. Pre heated grill to 500, put packets on and lowered to 450, maintaining 450 for whole cook time.