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  • Rosemary - Piney and herbaceous - Use lamb, fish, breads and baked goods: stews & sauces
  • Sage - Savory, piney; slight peppery favor; slight bitterness - Pair with rosemary, thyme and parsley; common in Italian and Middle Eastern cooking
  • Thyme - Woody; somewhat minty; mild lemony flavor - Pairs well with meat, cheese and vegetables; essential Italian herb, occasionally used to garnish cocktails
  • Chives - Mild onion flavor - Essential French herb, pairs well with eggs, potatoes, and cheese; often used in dressing and dips
  • Oregano - Warm; pungent; slightly bitter; slightly sweet - Pairs well with roasted meat, spicy foods, garlic and cheese
  • Tarragon - Sharp, herbaceous flavor; bitter-sweet notes - Pairs well with cheese, eggs, salads, spring vegetables, and pickling liquids; add fresh just before serving.



Step 1

Chervil - Similar to parsley, very delicate flavor - Used to season poultry, seafood, egg dishes, salads and spring vegetables right before serving

Basil - Delicate, herbaceous flavor; clove undertones - Compound butters, herbed oils and vinegars; pairs with tomatoes, pasta, cheese and poultry

Cilantro - Pungent, lemon flavor; slightly bitter - Mexican and Asian cuisines; pairs well with avocados, tomatoes (fresh salsa), citrus, fish, pork and chicken

Dill - Mildly sweet; citrusy; slightly bitter - Pickling; soups, compound butter, yogurt dips; pairs well with eggs, potatoes, fish, and chicken

Thai Basil - Anise flavor; peppery - Commonly used in curries, Asian noodle dishes and soups; pairs well with pork, chicken and seafood.

Mint - Sweet and aromatic; cooling aftertaste - Pairs well with lamb, poultry, peas, Asian flavors, sweets and chocolate; used in cocktails, teas, and simple syrups.

Parsley - Mild, herbaceous flavor; slightly lemony; grassy; peppery - Used in soups, stews, salads, rice dishes, hummus, and mixed into ground meat.

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