Alien Pretzels (Halloween treats)

These Alien pretzels are so easy to make, and yummy! Make all of the eyes the same color, or switch them up - these aliens will be the first to leave the party!

Great for a Halloween party and easy to whip together.

Photo by Diane V.

Great for a Halloween party and easy to whip together.

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  • Yogurt or white chocolate covered small round pretzels

  • Assorted colors of candy melts (you can combine some of them)

  • Mini M&M's or other small round candies or candy beads

  • Waxed paper

  • Plastic ziptop sandwich bags (one for each color of melted candy)


Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Arrange pretzels on the waxed paper. Working with one color at a time of the candy melts, melt as directed on package. Spoon it into a plastic ziptop sandwich bag then snip off one corner and pipe into top holes of desired number of pretzels. (I did 4-5 of one color at a time.) Gently place a M&M (or other small candy) in the centers of the piped candy. Repeat steps for the other pretzels, working with one color of candy melts at a time or the mixture will harden too quickly to pipe. Allow time for the candy to set.


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