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Lifesavers Candy Pacifiers (Baby Shower)


Fun baby shower idea made with white Lifesavers candy and Jelly Belly jellybeans with melted white chocolate as "glue". You can personalize with cords or narrow ribbons in baby colors in the center holes if you like.

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Lifesavers Candy Pacifiers (Baby Shower) 2 Pictures


  • 1 large bag individually wrapped white Lifesavers candy (in a bag), 2 for each "pacifier" (I used Wintogreen flavor)
  • Pink Grapefruit or Peach flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans (or similar color)
  • White melting chocolate (I used Wilton Bright White candy melting wafers)
  • Cords or narrow ribbons, optional



Step 1

Picture Tutorial Directions:

Step 1:
2 dots of melted white chocolate on the smooth side of a Lifesaver, directly across from each other. (I use a toothpick.)

Step 2:
With the Lifesaver laying on counter (smooth side up), place another Lifesaver vertically (smooth side facing you) over the 2 dots of melted chocolate and hold in place for a few seconds, then set aside to harden completely in that position. Continue repeating this step until desired number of pacifiers is reached. (The "nipples" will be added in next step).

Step 3:
Starting with the first ones you made in Step 2, pick up and turn a half-made pacifier over (to the side with the hole showing) and line the edge of center hole with melted chocolate. (I used a toothpick.) Immediately go to Step 4 after each one.

Step 4:
Place a jellybean vertically in the center hole of Lifesaver. (I turn both smooth sides of the Lifesavers toward me, then align the side of jellybean that has the little dip in the center toward the front). After each one is completed, immediately jump to step 5.

Step 5:
After each "pacifier" is finished in Step 4, place it upright between the wires of a 1 to 2" high wire cooling rack. Continue Steps 3 through 5 until all pacifiers are finished. Let set for at least an hour (or longer) before transferring to a serving display. This is really important! If moved before completely hardened, they will come apart.


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