Easter Bunny Racers

Here come the Easter bunnies speeding down the bunny trail! V-room, V-room!!

Easter Bunny Racers

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  • Large marshmallows, cut in half crosswise

  • Easter Bunny Peeps

  • Round mini pretzels

  • Cream-filled snack cakes (like Twinkies, or Little Debbie Cloud Cakes)

  • White frosting or decorator icing

  • M&M's candies


Cut a small rectangle out of the top of the round side of the snack cake - starting about a third of the way from the front end of "car". Use frosting to adhere the bunny peep, mini pretzel “steering wheel” and halved marshmallow "tires" in place. Decorate the center of the "tires" with M&M's, using a dab of frosting to adhere. Allow time for frosting to set up.


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