Bacon, Bourbon, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Bacon, Bourbon, and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 4

    thick-cut slices of bacon

  • ½

    teaspoon corn starch

  • ¼

    cup cocoa powder

  • 1

    tablespoon granulated sugar

  • pinch kosher salt

  • 3

    cups whole milk

  • 4

    ounces milk chocolate chips

  • 4

    ounces bittersweet chocolate chips

  • 4

    ounces Frangelico

  • 4

    ounces Bourbon

  • Whipped cream and chopped toasted hazelnuts for garnish


Cook bacon in a large, heavy-bottomed skillet over medium-low heat until crisp and rendered. Transfer bacon to a paper towel-lined plate. Pour fat into a small bowl and stir in corn starch with a fork. 2 In medium saucepan, stir cocoa with sugar and salt. Stir in reserved bacon fat/corn starch mixture, milk, milk chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate. Heat over medium heat until, stirring constantly, until chocolate is melted and mixture is hot. Gently whisk to completely homogenize mixture. 3 Add Frangelico and bourbon. Pour into individual serving cups. Top with whipped cream, chopped toasted hazelnuts, and a strip of bacon. Serve immediately.


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