Buttercrunch Candy

crunchy like a heath bar

Buttercrunch Candy

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 2

    sticks, lightly salted butter

  • 1

    cup, plus 2 tablespoons superfine sugar (essential to help prevent crystallization

  • 1

    tablspoon light corn syrup, dissolved in 2 tablespoons warm water

  • 8

    oz. slivered almonds, lightly toasted, finely chopped and divided in half

  • 6

    oz. semi sweet chocolate


Grease a lg. heavy saucepan and in it melt the butter over med.low heat. As soon as it's melted, stir in sugar. Continue to stir constantly until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture comes to a rolling boil. Add the corn syrup water and stir well: the mixture will hiss and spit for a few seconds. With the pan still on the heat, cover the saucepan and leave it covered for 3 min. Then uncover it and stick in candy thermometer. Keeping the heat at med-low and stirring once in a while, heat mixture to 300@. At about 220@ scatter half of toasted almonds evenly in a 9x13" pan. When candy reach's 300@ remove from heat and pour into the almonded pan, tilting pan back and forth to cover evenly. Wear oven mitts. Pan gets extremely hot. Do not scrape saucepan or the candy might crystallize. Let cool. When cool, heat chocolate in a metal bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water until its 2/3 melted .Take off heat and stir until remaining chocolate melts. Pour onto cooled candy spread over entire surface and immediately sprinkle with remaining nuts. Cool until chocolate sets, about 2 hour's or longer. Turn the pan upside down on a surface covered with waxed paper. Rap bottom of pan until buttercrunch comes out. Then break into bite size pieces. Buttercrunch keeps well. Can freeze it. Place into a plastic bag before you box it, otherwise grease stains will make their way thru surface of box.


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