Homemade Apple Fritters

Homemade Apple Fritters

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Hot, fresh apple fritters. What a treat for a weekend breakfast, or even for dessert! Serve with the freshly made glaze, or if for dessert, with some vanilla ice cream on top!

  • Prep Time


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  • 1

    heaping cup all-purpose flour

  • cup sugar

  • 1

    teaspoon baking powder

  • Dash salt

  • 1

    – 2 teaspoons cinnamon (depending on how much you love cinnamon)

  • ¼

    teaspoon nutmeg

  • ½

    teaspoon vanilla

  • 1

    tablespoon butter, melted

  • 1


  • cup milk + plus more if needed

  • 1

    – 1½ cups apple, your favorite kind for eating, chopped into peanut size or smaller

  • Oil for frying

  • 1

    cup powdered sugar

  • 1

    tablespoon milk


Make the glaze: Mix the 1 cup of powdered sugar with 1 tablespoon of milk. Make the fritters: Mix all dry ingredients together, slowly add the wet ingredients minus the apple. Carefully mix until well combined. Gently fold in apple pieces. The batter should be the consistency of a light cake mix. Once the oil is ready (when a test drop of dough floats to the top of the oil, a drop of water sizzles, or a piece of white bread browns in 60 seconds) then using a cookie scooper or soup spoon, place a 4-5 balls of dough into the oil. Be careful not to overcrowd and watch carefully for the underside to turn golden brown, then gently flip over and continue frying until done. I cooked mine about 35 seconds per side, but they were the size of golf balls – adjust cooking times based on size of fritters and temperature of your oil, ideally around 365° F. It is always a good idea to test one to ensure it comes out like you are expecting. Drain on paper towels and serve immediately, so they are nice and hot. Serve with glaze.