Tandoori chicken using Mix

It didn't turn out good or atleast like I remember tandoori chicken to taste like. I used chicken thighs with bones and didn't have a grill so maybe the lack of grill made a diff. I cooked it all using the oven

Tandoori chicken using Mix

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  • Chicken (skinless) 2 kg (8-10 pieces)

  • Yogurt 1-1½ cups (beaten)

  • Lemon juice/vinegar 8 tbsp

  • Butter/ghee/oil ½ cup

  • Shan Tandoori Masala 1 packet


1. Apply cuts on chicken pieces. 2. Combine yogurt, shan tandoori masala and butter/ghee/oil. 3. Coat mixture on chicken and leave for a few hours on cool place or refrigerate. 4. Place chicken pieces on greased baking tray and keep in preheated oven at No 5, 190 degree or 375 F for 45 minutes. 5. After that on grill and heat until chicken turns to golden on top. 6. Or BBQ from both sides until chicken has done. 7. Serve with green salad, onion, tomato and lemon.


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