Coconut Curry fish or shrimp

If you are a complete vegan you can use Tofu.

Coconut Curry fish or shrimp

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In large, deep skillet or pot: Saute onion and bell peppers ina little bit of oil until soft Add fish or shrimp of your choice (If fish, grouper or tilapia works best) Season fish or shrimp with old bay before putting them in the pot. Sear on both sides Add one can of coconut milk and some curry powder (about 3T) Bring to a boil while mixing in the curry; it will look bright yellow, like mustard. Simmer for about 30 minutes (just enough time to make your rice) until it changes to a deep yellow color (like brown mustard) the coconut milk and the curry make really rich and creamy gravy that is good and good for you If using shrimp, simmer until shrimp is tender. Add some salt and pepper if needed. Serve over white rice.


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