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. Marsh Birds - Basic Information


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. Marsh Birds - Basic Information 0 Picture


  • Snipe, Coot, Rail, and Moorhen


Servings 1


Step 1

At one time or another, most hunters have sampled a meal of quail, dove, duck, goose or wild turkey. But what about our lesser-known game birds? Ever eaten a snipe or rail? Moorhens and coots are excellent eating, but would you know how to cook one if you bagged it? Would you cook it if you did?

All these birds are superb table fare when properly prepared. Since they generally have little fat, moist cooking methods (stewing, braising, cooking in a Slow cooker, etc.) are best. Frequent basting or wrapping in bacon or salt pork also helps preserve moistness.

For the best taste, cook until rare or medium-rare. Never overcook, or the meat will be dry and tough.

Recipes for these dark-meated game birds are interchangeable. Vary the ingredients or cooking time as necessary to account for slight differences in size or the portion of the bird you choose to cook (breast only, whole bird, etc.)

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