Classic Vegan Rice Crispy Treats

The classic treat with no animal ingredients.

Classic Vegan Rice Crispy Treats

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 1

    cup light corn syrup

  • ¾

    cup sugar

  • 1

    tablespoon soy margarine

  • ½

    teaspoon vanilla extract

  • approx. 6 cup puffed rice cereal


You'll need a heat resistant spatula, a small pot, a very large bowl, and a lightly greased large piece of wax paper (at least 9x13 in area, I used oil spray). Begin by heating the syrup in the pot over medium heat then add the sugar to the pot. Stir continuously for a few minutes, you might start to notice it bubbling at the bottom, if it starts to become frothy turn down the temperature some. When it starts to look like its boiling, add the margarine (I used earth balance) and stir till evenly mixed, then add the vanilla, still stirring. (If you notice that the syrup/sugar mixture does not boil you can turn up the heat, or just add the margarine and the rest of the ingredients after a few minutes - it will still work fine, just make sure to spend a few minutes stirring the syrup and sugar before adding the other ingredients). As the syrup and sugar are on the stove, in the very large bowl measure out about 5 cups of the cereal. Pour the hot syrup mixture over the cereal and begin stirring with the spatula, making sure to evenly combine the ingredients. You might want to add another cup or more of the cereal, depending on the amount of saturation you're looking for (I find about 6 cups of cereal allows all the cereal to be covered in syrup but not too gooey: still crispy.) When stirred to satisfaction, pour the cereal on to the wax paper, using the spatula to push it into a large rectangle, approximately an inch or so thick. Allow the rice crispies to cool till hard, about an hour or so. (although sampling of a chunk of warm rice crispies is possible for instant gratification!)Cut into 20 or so medium squares.


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