Alice's Spring Chicken

Alice's Spring Chicken

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  • Prep Time


  • Total Time


  • Servings



  • 4

    chicken boneless chicken breast

  • 5

    oz worcestershire sauce

  • 8

    slices bacon

  • 2

    tbsp butter

  • 8

    oz fresh mushrooms sliced

  • 1

    8 oz package monterey jack shredded cheese

  • 1

    16 oz container honey mustard salad dressing


Place chicken in a glass bowl poke seversl holes in chicken then pour worcestershire sauce in and turn to coat Cover dish and refrigerate for about an hour Place bacon in skillet and brown then sit aside Heat butter in small skillet over medium heat and add mushrooms and saute for about 10 minutes then set aside Preheat oven to broil Remove chicken from marinade and discard any remaining liquid. Broil chicken about 5 minutes each side When chicken is almost done top each breast with 2 slices bacon then cheese Continue to broil until cheese is melted Remove from oven and serve with mushrooms and salad dressing for topping.


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