Lavender Bath Bombs-Homemade

Lavender Bath Bombs-Homemade

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  • Total Time


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  • ½

    cup powdered citric acid (found with the baking or canning supplies in most grocery stores)

  • 1

    cup baking soda

  • Approximately 10 drops pure lavender essential oil (more or less based on your preference)

  • ½

    tablespoon almond oil

  • Blue and red food coloring (optional)

  • Water in a spray bottle

  • Large glass bowl

  • 4

    (4-ounce) silicone molds

  • 1-2

    tablespoons dried lavender buds (optional)


If using, sprinkle the dried lavender buds into the bottom of the silicone molds (they'll show up just at the tops of your finished bath bombs). Add the citric acid and baking soda to the glass bowl. Use a whisk to combine the mixture. Add the essential oil and almond oil to the mixture. Drop in about 4 to 5 drops each of the red and blue food coloring (if using). Use the spoon to combine the mixture very well. Add a few spritzes of water to moisten the mixture. Don't use too much at once. Use the spoon to mix the ingredients well. The mixture should be the consistency of slightly wet sand, and should clump in your hand if you squeeze it. Use a spoon to transfer the mixture to the silicone molds. Pack it in very tightly, all the way to the top. Lay a few paper towels on a flat surface, carefully turn the mold over, and pop out the bath bombs. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and transfer the paper towels and bath bombs to the baking sheet. Cover with a few more paper towels and allow to dry overnight. Package the bath bombs as you'd like. To use, drop in a bath with warm running water. Swish around with your hands and enjoy!


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