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In 2 quart sauce pan add ground beef, salt, chili powder, garlic, cumin, paprika. I cook the onions and pepper first and put aside then I cook the hamburger and then add everything together. The Beef Consommé, I add last and only enough to moisten the concoction and let it boil off then I may add some more, it depends, you don’t want it too moist, as it will be dripping everywhere when you serve it. I add spices (the hot ones, red/cayenne pepper) to taste. Actually, the last time I made it I bought a Jalapenos pepper and fried it up with the onions and bell pepper, which gave it a little bit more bite. I don’t really have a time period for how long to cook it but you will need to judge it based on the consommé boiling off and the time it takes to cook the taco shells