Fudge that Never Fails

Servings: 5 pounds



Lightly butter cookie sheet & set aside Put into large bowl: 24 oz chocolate pieces, 1 Cup butter, 1 (7 ½ oz) Jar Fluff Set aside (near bowl): 1 TBSP Vanilla, (2 Cups chopped nuts – optional) In large pot: 1 Can (approx. 13 oz) Evaporated Milk, 4 ½ Cups Sugar While stirring constantly, bring evaporated milk & sugar to rolling boil. Reduce heat to med/low – still stirring – for exactly 9 minutes. Pour over ingredients in bowl. Mix thoroughly. Mix in Vanilla (and optional nuts – or add nuts to top). Pour mixture into cookie sheet and spread evenly. Let cool and set for 24 hours in cool place (not cold). Cut into 1x1 inch pieces.