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  • 4 cups flour Pinch of salt Water plus 1 tsp vinegar



Step 1

Put flour in large bowl and add a pinch of salt. Mix the. vinegar into some lukewarm water and add to flour. Add enough water to make a very soft dough Make dough into a round ball and let sit in bowl for 15 minutes. Roll dough out on bread board about 1 foot round, brush with oil and let sit for half an hour.
Cover table with a clean white tablecloth and sprinkle the surface with flour so that the table cloth is lightly covered. Put dough in center of tablecloth and start to stretch it slowly. Keep going in circles so that all sides of the dough are stretched. Stretch it until the whole surface of the tablecloth is covered and the dough hangs off the table about five, inches. Take off the. bottom inch of the dough which is thicker (This can be used as a pasta for soups). Put ingredients onto dough , fold in the. dough hanging down and spread some ingredients on this part also. When all the dough is covered gently grab the tablecloth at the edge of the table an pull it up slowly into the airIngredients can be either one of the following :
1. Sauerkraut (sauted in a pan first.) Sprinkle sauerkraut on dough and then sprinkle some oil over it.
2 Pears. Cut up pears and sprinkle them on dough, sprinkle with cinnamom, and
sugar to taste. Then sprinkle oil on top.
3 Apples. Do the same as in number 2.
4 Cottage cheese. Mix cottage cheese with one egg and stir. Sprinkle on dough,
add sugar to taste and sprinkle with oil.
5. Cherries. You can use pitted or nonpitted cherries, use ONLY fresh cherries or home canned cherries (DO NOT USE marchinno or candies cherries)
. As you do this the dough will roll up and look like a thick pipe. Fit it onto a greased cookie sheet by folding it to fit on the sheet. Bake at 350 until golden brown.

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